Steve Lynch Book Signing at Barnes Nobles

Stephen Lynch |

For the many of you who came out to Barnes & Noble on Saturday, November 19th, thank you. We hope you enjoyed both the book signing event and Steve's new book, Mind Your Own Business. And if so, please feel free to write a review, post it on B&N’s website or on Steve Lynch author’s page on Amazon, or on GoodReads.

At this B&N in-store event, Steve's book flew off the shelf and, in no time, sold out. Fortunately, we brought along a case of books, just in case—and, as it turned out, this additional supply of books also sold out. Thank you, readers.

Stop back at this page because we’ll be listing other Steve Lynch book signing events, as well as his many guest appearances on various radio shows and podcasts.

And remember, Mind Your Own Business by Steve Lynch is available everywhere damn good books are sold. And along with the book, there’s also an ebook and an audiobook available on