How to Make the Most of Social Security Benefits

Stephen Lynch |

Social Security is a critical part of retirement, and often a grossly misunderstood one. Many people don’t realize that they are missing out on extensive benefits, as they are often not fully explained by the Social Security office. This mistake can cost a single person thousands of dollars over their lifetime since they may not realize they’re missing out on a large portion of their benefits through a monthly reduction. Steve Lynch Wealth Management of Albuquerque wants to help you make the most of your benefits, and make sure you are applying for Social Security at the right time. We do this through utilizing the experience of our certified team, getting to know our clients, and using a specialty software that allows us to help our clients make the best decision for their needs.

Specialized Software for Social Security

Social Security software can offer insight into the best possible decision you can make with your benefits, as well as provide strategies to produce the best lifetime results. There are multiple benefits offered through Social Security, including retirement based on work, spousal and survivor benefits, as well as child and disability benefits. Each of these have regulations of their own, and using a specialized software can help determine what strategy is best for you depending on marital status, longevity, taxes, and other factors. These are all calculated to gauge what the best time to take Social Security is, helping to maximize the amount of money you receive so you don’t miss out on any benefits you might otherwise have through the Social Security office. This is no fault of the office, as the representatives are there to offer information and not advice, which often leads people to make incorrect decisions that cost them.

How Steve Lynch Wealth Management Can Help

If you want to feel confident about making an educated choice about Social Security, let the team at Steve Lynch Wealth Management help. We’ll use a specialized Social Security software and a wealth of knowledge to help you make the best decision for yourself and your family. Let us help you maximize your lifetime benefits, and determine the best strategy for you. Give our Albuquerque financial advisors a call today at (505) 881-7526 to get started.