Financial Planning for Every Stage of Life

Stephen Lynch |

Life is constantly changing, but the importance of two things continually remain the same: finances and planning. Managing your wealth and planning for the future is important—all the time. We can’t stress this enough. Whether a young adult just starting out or a mature adult entering retirement, it’s important to analyze your financial goals, prepare to attain them, and effectively manage the assets of each. 

Guiding you through every stage and helping to achieve a full, enjoyable life are the Albuquerque financial planners at Steve Lynch Wealth Management. We recognize that just as everyone’s life is different, so will be their financial state and goals. We’ll work with you to prepare for and manage it all, through these four stages of life: 

Stage One: Establishing Everything 
This stage is exactly as it sounds; as a young adult, you’re probably just entering the workforce and beginning to establish everything from your career and savings to a family and foundation. There’s a lot of ‘firsts’ in this stage—purchasing a home or car, getting married, having children—and financial planning should be one of them, especially since financial habits are normally established in this stage and will likely determine your long-term financial well-being. 

Steve Lynch Wealth Management will help you:

  • Establish and expand your savings
  • Identity financial goals
  • Pay off and avoid debt
  • Begin contributing to a 401(k)
  • And more

Stage Two: Maintaining and Advancing 
By this stage, it’s likely that you’re well-established, both in your career and personal life. This is where the shift happens from bringing in finances to building long-term wealth. You may be considering a promotion at work or contributing to your children’s college funds. Yes, your income may be increasing, but so are your expenses. 

Steve Lynch Wealth Management will help you:

  • Max out retirement and Roth IRA contributions
  • Attain adequate insurance coverage
  • Prepare a will and estate plan
  • Wisely invest
  • Prepare for vacations, rainy day expenses, and other short-term goals
  • And more

Stage Three: Pre & Post-Retirement
This is the stage nearly everyone looks forward to—but retiring from the workforce doesn’t mean financial planning is over. Preparing for retirement is extremely important, so that you can fully and comfortably enjoy your time. Likewise, when you're officially retired, managing your finances is equally as important to ensure you don’t outlive your savings. 

Steve Lynch Wealth Management will help you:

  • Pay off big-item expenses, like mortgages, loans, etc.
  • Adjust portfolio to ensure protection and growth
  • Update will & estate
  • Manage tax strategy
  • Preserve wealth
  • And more—but most importantly, enjoy your retirement! 

A great life is out there, and Steve Lynch Wealth Management in Albuquerque helps you live it! Call us today at (505) 881-7526 and start planning for your future.