Fear of the Inevitable End

Steve Lynch |

Fear of the Inevitable End Any investor knows the markets’ great returns over the last couple years. Most non-investors out of jealousy will undoubtedly be talking about the next stock apocalypse where everyone will need to batten down the hatches and hopefully start to hide that money in their mattress. Yes, market declines are a common thing. However, can anyone find a time that the market did not recover? You can’t because it doesn’t exist. Although past results don’t guarantee future results, it may put you at ease that this is not the first time that “the end” will be spoken of by geniuses whose fear caused them to miss out. For you statisticians, I entered a chart which depicts the Dow Jones Industrial Average 1900-2017. These drops in the chart are scary but not as scary as the doomsday theorist’s make them out to be. In fact, the basic premise of making money in the stock market demands volatility. After all, if the market didn’t go up and down, would anyone be able to buy low and sell high? This also applies to many other “investments” such as your home. The value of your home is changing frequently. However, no one other than you and potentially a buyer care so no one is reporting it on the news. However, the volatility (up and down) movement is still there. It is important to understand that there are strategies that may help prevent loss and a good financial plan is one of the best ways to do this. Controlling what you can control is key to financial success, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ can teach you how to do just that. Don’t let fear drag you down. Investing is just one portion of your financial success. It is imperative that you learn some of the very important steps to building wealth that only a trained expert can show you.